The image in the header of this pages shows me at my first employer in Munich, in Stage A of the company Beta Technik on a British console from Cadac. The signal processing of this mixer was still completely analog and because it was one of the first attempts of the company Cadac to provide an automation, this automation has unfortunately never been used. Apart from some desperate tests, it was never used in a production. However, I've done most of my mixes for German dubbing on this console of 6 yards length.  The lack of automation brought me the healthy balance in larger productions, in that I was forced to dive from one end to another. Somehow I made it through persistent practice to arrive there in time - to the delight of my customers and my employer, who had to report the following about me: 




Beta Technik (Unterföhring at Munich)



     Mr. Rainer Ottenweller, born May 28, 1959 was employed in the Audio Division of Beta Technik a corporation of the Kirch Group until June 30, 1995. The Kirch Group is primarily involved in the field of licensing copyrights of motion pictures, technical preparation of motion pictures, production and distribution of video products, as well as utilization of Co-copyrights, especially of Character Merchandising.

     Mr. Ottenweller started his work as an Assistant Sound Engineer and was since December 1, 1990 the Chief Sound Engineer.

     Mr. Ottenweller´s functions are embraced essentially in the following actions:


                 * organizing and scheduling the work of the Audio Division

                 * internal and external representation of the division

                 * technical planning and equipment

                 * managing eleven staff member

                  * mixing and recording

                  * audio mastering

                  * advising external mixes


      Mr. Ottenweller was a very self motivated, engaged staff member who continuously fulfilled his duties very carefully and reliably to our fullest satisfaction.

      Furthermore he distinguished himself through his ability to quickly understand and grasp situations, to handle heavy workloads, his versatility and his constant willingness to be of service. Mr. Ottenweller has a high level of technical competence, broad technical knowledge, creativity and is able to work independently. He always knew how to motivate his crew.

      Mr. Ottenweller was pleasant and cooperative in his relations and dealings with executives and other staff member of the Company. His teamwork was very much appreciated and his friendliness and goodwill made him highly valued by his fellows.

     Mr. Ottenweller leaves our company as of June 30, 1995. Though we are sorry to lose him, we thank him for his contributions and wish him well for his future career and life.


Unterföring, July 1995

Beta Technik Ges. für Filmbearbeitung mbH

Personal and Organisation


signed: Reinhard Hahn



     Subsequently, I was on the road as a freelance sound engineer in various Munich recording studios. Toni Ketterle, technical head of Bavaria film recording studios in Geiselgasteig, came to this view:



                             BAVARIA FILM  (Geiselgasteig/Munich)



     Mr. Rainer Ottenweller has been working very often since several years for the Bavaria film studios as a freelance recording mixer. He is hired by us for both the mix of new productions and television dubbing productions.

     Mr. Ottenweller is technically very skilled and artistically sensitive. He is doing exceptionally well with the different technical conditions and monitoring conditions in the various studios. His taste is unerring, for which he is appreciated by our customers. He is also a reliable team player colleague, who is contributing by his positive motivation to labor conducive atmosphere in the studio and brings the respective production to a successful conclusion.

     We will happily continue to employ Mr. Ottenweller when our order requires a freelance sound engineer in addition to our permanent mixing engineers.


                                                                           Toni Ketterle


     The late nineties my careerer led me back into a permanent position for the innovative company Aquest in Cologne. This Dutch company had committed himself as one of the first post productions in Germany of consistent digital signal processing and had its headquarters in Hürth. During this time, I was working also as a freelance sound engineer in Cologne for the recording studio 65. Mr. Meister, the holder of this recording studios, noted the following about me:


        Tonstudio 65 (Cologne)



      Mr. Ottenweller worked from 01.05.1998 to 01.09.2001 in our Studio 65 as a freelance rerecording engineer. His duties included primarily the final mixture of television series such as e.g. the ARD series of Der Fahnder' for Bavaria Film Munich and cinema movies.

      In addition Mr Ottenweller was also active decisively in an advisory capacity for planning, extension and setting up our new Sound Stage 1.

      Mr Ottenweller always did all work to our utmost satisfaction. Initiative, empathy and expertise are a guarantee in unrivaled quality with him. His quick apprehension as well as the creative and formative abilities always enable him to fulfill the wishes of the customers very well and also to introduce own ideas.

      The work entrusted to him, he led with great care, responsibility, dependability and, if necessary, with a mission far beyond any normal level. Even in difficult situations Mr. Ottenweller keeps track and tranquility.

      With its friendly and courteous manner Mr. Ottenweller is equally recognized and popular by the management, employees and customers.

      Unfortunately, Mr Ottenweller leaves us because of a longer stay abroad. We wish him all the best for the future and would be happy about a possible future, free cooperation.


Cologne, 05.09.2001

TS65, Sound Stage Cologne


Ekkehard Meister

Tonmeister VDT